Zwift acadamy rides

Hi, I’ve got 2 rides left to do and 2 days left. I’m definitely going to struggle for time due to commitments. My question is, is October 10th definitely the last day for the 2nd base line ride?

It depends on your time zone. Many riders will have to finish on Oct 9. Check the calendar.

Great question.
Depends whether you go by this from FAQs

All sessions must be completed by October 9, 2022.
The Finish Line Ride will be available between September 26 and October 9.

Or this

All events must be completed before October 10 @8:59 am UTC

Currently 64 people have signed up for the Monday 10th October 08.00 UK Finish Line Ride and 6 In the Women Only Finish Line Ride. Hope they all finish in time.

I wonder how many of the 9 who have signed up for the 08.00 Baseline Ride are completing the AcademyRoad in reverse :joy::joy::rofl::thinking:

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