Zwift 40 mins FTP test ends suddenly


I was doing my first FTP test today (the short one, 40 minutes), and after about 33 minutes the ride suddenly stopped and I was asked if I wanted to save the ride. I did not see an option to resume my ride. This meant I could not finish the test and I would need to start from scratch.

Is that something I should have expected?

I’ve been really enjoying Zwift in the trial period and was willing to pay for it, but this problem made me doubt the application.



Were you also using the Zwift Mobile Link and had it in-front of you? I ask because on the ZML there is a end ride button that can be activated by sweat dripping onto it.

I was using Zwift Mobile Link and there is a small chance that a drop of sweat dripped on the phone, however, I didn’t notice any drops on my phone screen. Anyway, it is at least weird that there was no option to quickly resume the workout, I could only “save and exit” or “discard”.

This definitely sounds like what Paul describes. The Save and Exit/Discard screen only comes up if you choose to end your ride, either by choosing that from ZML or by hitting the ESC key on your keyboard. There should be an “X” button on the box - or I believe you can press the ESC key again to dismiss the prompt.

Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks Jason! I must have missed the X button on the box.