Zwift 1.0.15471 not auto uploading to strava, and .fit files corrupted with only first 30mins of ride recorded

(Jon Long) #1

iOS app does not send my ride to strava even know zwift/strava are connected. So I then go to zwift website, login, download my ride and find the the .fit file is corrupted and only has the fist 30 mins of my ride. So I only have this incomplete file to manually upload to strava. This has happened yesterday and today over two rides. This doesn’t happen if I use the Mac app and works as expected, so will go back and use Mac app until this is fixed.

fyi, I have an iphone 7 plus, iOS 10.1.1 (14B100), and Zwift 1.0.15471

(Bastiaan Gaillard [HIK - C]) #2

Hi Jon,

As workaround you can try to find your .fit file on your iDevice.

Tutorial is about workout files but I think you can manage getting your .fit file nearly the same way.

(Jon Long) #3

so the steps to get the uncorrupt file from iphone are different now. They are:

  1. Download ifunbox on mac

  2. connect iphone/mac over usb

  3. Open ifunbox

  4. Navigate to App File Sharing >>> Zwift >>> Activities to find .fit files

these .fit files have the complete ride which I can now upload to strava.


The auto upload function is still an issue. This also impacts the calorie count from stava to apple health/activity which is annoying especially as I’m a mac/iphone/watch user.


With the mac app the calorie count, minutes of exercise etc all get sent to apple health/activitiy apps because the auto upload from zwift to strava works.