Zumo Elite Beginner

Good evening Zwifters!!!

I bought the Zumo Elite today with a new cassette and the tool to tighten the cassette. If the gears are slipping would I be correct in thinking it’s due to it not being tight enough?

What would the next steps be to enjoy really enjoy Zwift/Bkool? Cadence and speed sensors?

How important are they?

How do I get Zwift broadcasting on my TV also?

I’m sure these are very basic questions for all, but hey - you’ve got to start somewhere!

Thanks in advance for your time to read this and help suggested!



You don’t need speed and cadence sensors, your Elite Zumo is reporting power and cadence to Zwift.

If your gears are slipping and the cassette is new, then your chain is worn. Get a new one.

On what device are you running zwift?

Thanks Ben,

It will my android phone or iPad.