ZTR race

(Tim Camden ZTR (C)) #1

I did my first ZTR race Thursday, the ZTR Thursday night race.
On Zwift Power, it appears I was filtered, I think for 2 reasons.

  1. I had my name listed as,First Last ZTR © but I apparently clicked on the D cat instead of C because I did not have my glasses on (over 50).
    I would like to ask the race organizer if I can be reclassified so as not to be filtered.

  2. It also states I needed to have my strava name include the ZTR (D).
    I could not find how to do this but when I looked at the Stava results, I was listed as first last ZTR (D).

any ideas?
I could ask on Zwift Power but Sticky gets bombarded by “why was I filtered” on a daily basis.
I thought I might try here first.

Does the race organizer follow the forums?


(S ticky [KRT]) #2

You were filtered out because race organiser does not allow ZPower to finish on the podium.

(Anton Kovalnogov (B)) #3

Zp orgs have their own forum, they look very responsive btw

(Tim Camden ZTR (C)) #4

I was only on the podium for the D race because I accidentally joined D and not C.

As a C rider, I was no where near the Podium.
My name was followed by [C].

Can I get reclassified [C] and not [D]?