ZTR race

I did my first ZTR race Thursday, the ZTR Thursday night race.
On Zwift Power, it appears I was filtered, I think for 2 reasons.

  1. I had my name listed as,First Last ZTR © but I apparently clicked on the D cat instead of C because I did not have my glasses on (over 50).
    I would like to ask the race organizer if I can be reclassified so as not to be filtered.

  2. It also states I needed to have my strava name include the ZTR (D).
    I could not find how to do this but when I looked at the Stava results, I was listed as first last ZTR (D).

any ideas?
I could ask on Zwift Power but Sticky gets bombarded by “why was I filtered” on a daily basis.
I thought I might try here first.

Does the race organizer follow the forums?


You were filtered out because race organiser does not allow ZPower to finish on the podium.

Zp orgs have their own forum, they look very responsive btw

I was only on the podium for the D race because I accidentally joined D and not C.

As a C rider, I was no where near the Podium.
My name was followed by [C].

Can I get reclassified [C] and not [D]?