ZRL team, wanted

ZRL, wanted, team, USA CST, cat B, back of pack, looking to chase as many in race points as possible – cheers.

It will be helpful if you can tell us what time you prefer to race.

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I’m on CST, USA & was hoping someone would make a suggestion outside of regular business hours


If you are looking for evening then I think American east would be 6.30 for you and America west at 8.45.

Which zone are you looking for. I’ll likely have 2 B teams in east if interested but unlikely to have a team in west.

Hi Andy - I’m keen and B grade rider.

I’m hoping to race AM early eastern time USA??

Cordially, Andy

Perfect for me :slight_smile:

not sure there is a morning time. Either 5.30 is the Atlantic zone and 12.30 Emea East if i have timezones right.

Check https://www.wtrl.racing/assets/images/zrl/season4/general/zrl_sept_w1_race-times.JPG for more details

CST is 4:30am for Atlantic zone… which I think, @Andy_Boettcher_DIRT is your only option for before workday.

Thanks – Now I need a team at that time?? back of pack B, looking to score in race points??

Looking for a B team AM, atlantic time? Cheers