ZRL scoring

It feels like ZRL needs to revamp their scoring. Today’s race handed out 20 points to the rider that was fastest through a 20 second sprint section. This happened for 3 sprint sections. And then 40 points for actually winning the 40 minute race. I get the intermediate sprint sections and scoring but it feels disproportionally weighted in favor of the sprints as opposed to finishing results.

A 20s effort shouldn’t be worth 50% of the points given out for a 40m performance.


agreed and been mentioned many times but seems to fall on death ears. ZRL started great but now is just a sandbaggers playground

I’d maybe suggest looking at other series like Dirt or our own Rhino Racing will have another round soon with a much flatter points structure. (more info coming DISCORD.IO | Rhino Team Safari Race Series )


You’re right, and maybe you feel better for getting it off your chest, but it’s wasted here.

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It will only change if enough people abandon the series and start looking elsewhere. There are good alternatives out there.


Agreed but it’s been like this for absolutely ages.