ZRL Recon rides - missing?

What has happened to the ZRL Recon rides - am I remembering wrong or aren’t they usually on a Monday? I can’t see any in ZC.

ZP is showing them for previous weeks. Thought I did see them a few days ago in the schedule too but now I am not sure.

Good question! Also wondering where they went!

They seem to be missing this week too.

@JamesBailey any ideas please?

@jamesbailey has zero ideas.

He will try to hunt down people whose ideas > 0


I’ve had a chat with Charlie - The recon rides were intentionally stopped after week 6.

I think this coincided with the end of the Premier season. If there’s a big demand for these to run for the duration I’ll happily pass on that message.

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Thanks for checking.

That seems odd. Do only Premier League riders want to recon the course and no-one else cares? I don’t think that’s true.

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Thanks for adding the recon rides, @JamesBailey !

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Thank Vanessa :slight_smile: