ZRL A1 Path to PD Comms

With the latest comms sent out to A1 team managers about the no promotion to Premier Div but a new set of criteria will come out zoon, the zooner we get comms the better.

The efforts of captains and managers retaining their talent and putting expectations onto amateurs to train to stay at that level and commit to a team that will never make the PD is a tough and thankless task. I’m hoping the criteria isn’t based on likes/exposure or revenue from participating teams. This feels very SKY Sports to me. Hope I’m wrong!!

The problem with the lack of communication or slowness of the comms is it leads to this uneasy feeling and then we jump to conclusions. Why are these things released days before the season kicks off?

Hoping its something epic and I am just moaning. Its just that like probably a lot of other teams over the past 3/4 seasons we have pushed so hard to get to A1 season on season for now it to mean nothing.