ZPower tracking runs as rides...contaminating ZPoints?

I use Zwift on my trainer for rides and on a treadmill or via foot pod for running. I noted my ZPower and Punch scores are dropping, while my rides keep getting stronger, so I began to look at the data being tracked. Runs are not being categorized as runs in ZPower, they are showing up as rides, and I am concerned that my scores are dropping as I participate in TdZ as a rider and runner.


  • Kate “KJ” Phillips (COALITION)

Yes exactly same thing happening to me. I would prefer Zwiftpower to not log the runs if its going to stuff the ride stats.

Hi Kate,

This shouldn’t have any impact on your ZPoints.

Bear in mind that these are your best performances over those routes in the last 90 days, so it may just be that some of your faster efforts are just falling outside of that 90 day period, so it appears that your Points are going down.

Agreed that they shouldn’t but it looks like something is going on. I’ve only been pushing it on Zwift since the last week of November '21; not really up to 90 days yet. Prior to that my last rides were sporadic through the year and I had maybe 4-5 rides in Aug-Oct (definitely not faster; I was really out of shape then), and I didn’t find Zwift Power until mid-Decmber.

I’m not just worried about my numbers here, but the integrity of the data for all who are riders and runners since the categorization is putting runs in with rides; no runs are showing up in that column of the dataset.