ZPower in races organisers option to produce no draft

Zpower riders can unintentionally effect race results significantly by unrealistically pulling along groups of riders to catch other riders whom they wouldn’t have caught without an inaccurate Zpower setup to draft. 

The option for an organiser to reduce the draft effect of a ZPower rider to either 50% down to Zero effect would stop this happening or reduce the impact.

Whilst incorrect ZPower riders may be disqualified from a race, the impact they have between the smart trainer or power meter users isn’t nullified. In some cases it’s like introducing a durney into the race as power meter and smart trainer riders draft and coast behind what appears to be a motorised vehicle and unrealistically catching and passing other riders they ordinarily would have no hope of catching. 

What about the weight dopers and the people who ride poorly calibrated smart trainers/power meters. Lets not just go after zPower riders when a lot of them have properly setup trainers when people using smart trainers or powers don’t.

F ZPower in race, is like 100%  dopers on weight is like 10% evil over Zpower. BAN Zpower

+1 !!!

Absolutely tired of races being turned into tow-a-longs by ZPower.
Remove ability to draft a ZPower, they can then fly around as they please without affecting race dynamics (towing groups, closing breaks).

Please share and don’t forget to upvote next to the suggestion if this is something you want. More votes and it’s more likely to be implemented.

Agree on the suggestion of making it so you can’t draft zpower.

Also making it obvious who is zpower from the start would help. Real power riders then know not to chase if they take off the front.