zPower: Don't be a "Flier"

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #381

Yeah this thread was beat up thoroughly and spit out on the Zwift Riders group at least a year ago :wink: Is there a way to vote to kill it here? 

(Matt) #382

This thread will be active as long as Zwift is…

(Alan) #383

Good - coz we don’t all have facebook - unfollow it if you don’t want the notifications from it :wink:

One long helpful thread is beter than several repeats

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #384

Unfortunately… I keep hearing stories of A race riders that get a smart trainer or a powermeter and suddenly they are C cat… There are exceptions but they are just that… This is just a racing issue really.


(Matt) #385

Definitely a racing issue. It’s a small percentage, but it really screws with the dynamics (and immersive factor) of the race…

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #386

If you aren’t on Facebook in one of the Zwift groups (there are dozens) then you are missing out on valuable up to date info. 

(Sebastian Leung) #387

@Mick would you mind sharing the names of some of the groups?
I’m in the following groups:
Zwift riders
Zwift racers
Zwift venting (or something of the sorts)
Zwift - PAC

(Mick Neal INTENT - (C)) #388

Just go to FB and search for Zwift. The first results will be groups and click on See More to see all of them. Lots of interesting stuff to be found there.

(Will I Am Adams) #389

THE  TRHREAD IS  A GOOD ONE -  Not  sure about the comment on  someone “spitting the thread out” which is  a joke

The problem is there have been a lot of good  comments but  Zwift  has never  done anything to solve the problem.

If  I  have a power trainer - I  don’t want to compete against  Zpower -  there are simply too many variables with Zpower making it largely inaccurate

That being  said - I  don’t believe Zpower riders are bad  humans, are always gaming the system, are stupid, or should not  be on the platform.  Also if  you  ride  Zwift  just to stay  fit - you  probably don’t  care about this - BUT - if you  RACE on Zwift you  probably do.  Furthermore,   ZWIFT set up the platform as a  competition platform. 

SO ZWIFT - CMON MAN-  just  let the Power Trainers  race each other and the ZPOWER race The  other  Zpowers.

(Craig Howard KISS B) #390

Most of the “power trainers” are crap, rely too heavily on accurate, long-winded calibration procedures and most of the cheap ones are simply inaccurate to start with. Most are as bad, if not worse than ZPower set-ups.

If you’re going to segregate users, it needs to be tiered into a bracket of manufacturers accuracy i.e.

All dedicated power meter users / Neo /Flux / KickR / Drivo (+/- 5% tolerance)

Then all cheapo power trainer users. (+/- 50%)

Then all ZPower users. (+/- god knows %)


I’m a PM/Dumb trainer user with repeatable power on the real road as on Zwift. Most power trainer users can’t guarantee that - but the £1000 tier of manufacturers can.

A classic case here is that I recently tried a Qubo, something probably 70% of power trainer users on Zwift have. It was reading more than 50 watts more than my proper PM and the output was skewed. Ironically, using my dumb Elite crono fluid trainer in ZPower but with a dedicated PM and the results were much more accurate. 

You simply can’t compare apple’s and orange’s and Zwift are clearly not interested in creating a division in the service they offer as it will be looked upon as a class division and reflect negatively. Even if they did this, someone could just cheat by losing 40lbs instantly in the profile set-up…






(Matt) #391

Personally, I don’t care if people’s power outputs are not accurate in an absolute sense, as long as they are:

  1. within the “human” range 

  2. consistent from race to race

There is always someone faster, but it takes away from the fun (a lot) when you see  the same person doing dramatically different results race to race and you wonder if it is just due to their configuration, or just human variability.  It’s fun to compete and measure your performance against actual humans. Racing against algorithms is not much fun :frowning:

(malcolm may (WCC) C) #392

I moved from a perfectly good dumb trainer and finally bought a kickr. Its smarter, and that’s about it. But I am happy to finally be on the good team, not the evil team.

Cheating is always going to be an option, as long as you don’t expose it. I am 100 kgs, so when I go along at 250 watts I am moving well on the flats, not so much on the inclines.

I am always interested when someone comes past me at 4.5 wkg, and I check their profile and see that they are doing about 150 w and 30 mph. I don’t lose any sleep anymore, very much, but would like zwift to change their screen to show me their watts as well as the wkg. Maybe if the numbers looked totally ridiculous people wouldn’t be doing it as often.

One such 9 year old rider came past me with numbers like that the other night. Imagine how strong he’ll be when he grows up. :slight_smile:


(Jason) #393

We still have various improvements we’re planning on to educate zPower users with inaccurate setups and to make sure efforts of all users are respected, but there’s nothing to be said on this topic that hasn’t been already, so I’m going to close this thread.

We appreciate your patience and support as we continue developing and improving the Zwift experience. Ride On!