ZP results for TDZ stage 8 didn’t populate

My ZP numbers failed to populate for TDZ stage 8. Thanks

David, this forum is very rarely, if ever, visited by Zwift employees. Or, at least, they super rarely reply. It runs on its own through knowledge sharing between fellow Zwifters.

If you think that you are reporting your issue to Zwift through this forum, well, good luck waiting for a reply.

What I can say, ZwiftPower takes a long time to calculate power metrics, oftentimes a day or longer. This is because the server on which it runs is too slow to handle ever growing volume of data. Sometimes rides do not get uploaded at all, sometimes they do not get processed and one sees only the ride and average power and it never changes. 95% of the times, though, everything appears eventually. ZwiftPower was bought by Zwift, but it is not fully integrated yet and remains a foster child of sorts.

You can always ride stage 8 again. It is a fun ride and a good fitness drill.

I also got one of the stages of TdZ lost on the way to ZP.

You can try to send an e-mail to zwiftpower@zwift.com with links to the race and you ZP profile.
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