ZP Position 0

I am New in ZwiftPower. I made 3 events TOW Stage 2, 3 and 4.

Stage 3 and 4 I get ZP position 0.

I work hard and do my best in all TOW Stage.

What I am doing wrong ??

I have never seen position 0.
Are you referring to the time ahead or behind the other riders as displayed on the Nearby Rider board?
This display has been “buggy” and showing 00 for time gaps.
The ride position at the top of the chart has worked ok but it doesn’t show accurate position until the riders settle down after the mass start.

You got a podium but ZPower devices arent allowed podium places so you were disqualified. Check Zwiftpower for any ZPower conditions for events you enter events.

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Sorry, a mean “Place 0” #

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