ZP mandatory login - auto logout

I have been having the problem of getting logged out every time since forever on the ZP site. It didn’t bother me much, but now that the login is mandatory to just check out what events are going on or whatever I find the problem growing in priority. I use ZP regularly on different PCs and also on my phone using browsers Opera, Chrome, and mobile Opera all regularly updated.
Thanks for investigating the issue. Tell me if more info is needed.

Do you use the “remember me” button? I use chrome and it remembers my login credentials just fine.

Once upon a time I try it, but it still doesn’t work. At least not when switching devices. It might work for remembering the login on one PC, when I sign in on another I have to sign in again on the former PC.
Tried it again now. Will tell you tomorrow whether it worked or not.

Just turned on my home PC and I am logged out, so it still doesn’t work.