Zp en Team Electric Spirit Co. Preprandial Crits

Quisiera saber por que en mi ultima carrera: Team Electric Spirit Co. Preprandial Crits, realizada el dia de hoy 30-03 a las 08:15 fui catalogado por ZP, yo uso rodillo Elite Turno

¿me podrían corregir?

These are my events, but Zwiftpower automatically classifies this.

The Turno does not have a power meter in it, it estimates power using speed and cadence in the same way as ZP works so as not as accurate as a trainer with a power meter, so it has correctly classified you.

Turn ON Event Powermeter Requirment and you will not have this kind of questions.

I choose not to, I am very clear in the event description that Zpower riders are welcome but won’t count in the official results. The problem here is that he didn’t know why he’s Zpower, I assume this is one of the devices caught by their recent clamp down on quasi -ZP devices that previously weren’t being picked up.