Zones in ride report differ from ride


i completed a workout in erg mode (picked an endurance standard workout). I dropped the wattage manually half way through by -10%. During the entire ride the endurance zones were displayed as expexted in blue. However after the ride the portion of the ride, which was set at initial wattage as per workout, was then displayed as being in the green /tempo zone.

how come the ride report differs from what was displayed during the ride? which one is correct? i would like to make sure I’m training in the right zone for best improvements and help would be appreciated



I dont know the exact answer as I only adjust the power for survival purposes which are typically in the same zone, however, you could turn on your graph (G on keyboard) during the activity which will immediately show what zone you are in regardless of what the plan shows?

I notice these differences frequently in workout reports. I have always been at 100%.

you mean 100% of ‘prescribed’ power?

i wasnt sure whether me lowering the power midway workout was causing it or what else was wrong for it to display a different zone in the report.

just shouldnt be like that