ZML recognises Tacx Flow, PC recognises ZML but PC will not detect Tacx Flow via ZML

I have the Tacx Flow and ZML pairs perfectly with the trainer, my computer recognises that the ZML is paired but continuously searches for devices and the Tacx Flow never appears.

Been like this for a while now, SO frustrated and considering cancelling my Zwift subscription!

You might try removing all pairings between your Tacx and phone. On Android, anyways, having the phone paired with the trainer will cause the computer to not see the trainer. Not intuitive, that one.

Hi Marc

Thanks for your response. Nothing else is paired with the trainer. It worked fine last night and now nada,  I am contacting Tacx too. At the end of my tether with it and will probably cancel my subscription as it’s wasted.

I suspect the issue is the ZML as I’ve read a lot of negative comments about it

Hi Stacey,

It looks like you were able to log a ride over the weekend. If you are still seeing issues, open up a support ticket and we can help.