Zipp Classics

Does anyone know if the Zipp Classics series coming up are on new courses or are they on already existing courses? They are saying join us on these classic courses, but I’m not sure what that means. “Four iconic events, on four iconic courses.” Iconic to me would mean a famous real life, iconic race. Would love to see some new routes based on actual classic races on Zwift for these events and beyond. For me, the course that I race or ride on makes a difference. I’d rather ride on an interesting course than another boring multi-loop course that I’ve ridden on many times. Always love to see new routes and courses.

Likely old routes.

I would interpret that as “iconic to Zwift”. Like the original Hilly Loop, the Jungle Loop etc.

But we haven’t had new roads for a while, and the courses aren’t listed yet so… who knows? Maybe we’ll be in for a glorious surprise!

(Although I think the invitation to “Maybe even do some course research” suggests not.)

The events entries for these on zwifthacks seemed to suggest ocean cliffside loop, Leith Hill after party, figure 8 reverse and dust in the wind would host each of the weekends events.

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