Zipp classic

I finished all 4 ZIPP classic we events. Received email of only first 3.
Am I in the draw for the big prize ?

This exact same fenomenon has happened some years ago.

Pls some feedback.


Sorry but what events are these? I haven’t seen anything here…

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Same here. Emails after completing the first 3 but not the final event.

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Same happened to me. No acknowledgement of completion of the fourth weekend ride

Today, I just received the 4th email for completing last weekend’s final Zipp Classics Race. It does confirm that I am entered to win an IRL set of Zipp wheels. The email also states that I’ve “unlocked” the in-game Zipp 353 NSW wheels. They are definitely available for purchase for me in the drop shop but they did not show up in my garage.

@shooj Can you tell us if we are supposed to receive the 353s in our garage for completing the 4th Zipp Classics Race? Or did completing the event simply unlock the 353s in the drop shop for purchase (for those under Level 19)?

Same here. Email came in last night.

I’ve done a few events where the emails confirmations have come in a few days later.

Probably due to server load or other things behind me the scenes.

Wheels were simply added to the drop shop. Anyone can buy them, they are not unlocked by the ride.

When you say that some piece of equipment is unlocked that is supposed to mean free. Like kit for TOW and TDZ. Everyone can purchase these wheels but completing the 4 classics should unlock them .

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Hello, i did all 4 events but have not seen a single email about finishing events. :frowning: