ZiftPower: Cat D, ZwiftProfile Cat C, Which is it?

Sorry for the newbie question, but ZiftPower and ZwiftProfile categorize me differently, even though I’ve been on both for the same amount of time. Is anybody able to help me figure this out?

Hi @Andy_Jackins

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they use different parameters to categorize you.

In short

Zwift power:
Average of best 3 20min efforts during races over the last 90 days

Function of power curve in any ride on Zwift for the past 60 days

Andy, we should be saying ‘sorry’ to you. As Gerrie has explained in brief, there are two systems and currently different races can be using whichever the race creator prefers.

Its that horrible thing called history. ZwiftPower categories is older, but it is only applied to results after a race is completed, so allowed Cat A riders to enter Cat C races much to the annoyance of Cat C riders.

After a lot (and I mean a lot) of debate over a year ago, the newer Zwift category system was added, and it is used to before the race to restrict entry. So a Cat B rider can only enter Cat B or higher races.

And as Gerrie said, the two systems use different mechanisms for gauging which Category you are currently in. Someday, they may find a way of merging them into one system or one will totally replace the other (or this being Zwift, its possible we may get a third system :slight_smile: )