ZHR masters weekender


What do the letters F, G, E, H and J mean in the power zwift results? Yesterday I participated under D rider (between 60 and 69 years) but in the results I am category H. Please give some info
thanks in advance

For results:
The Categories are divided into 5-year bands as per UCI regulations:

A: 30-34 years
B: 35-39 years
C: 40-44 years
D: 45-49 years
E: 50-54 years
F: 55-59 years
G: 60-64 years
H: 65-69 years
I: 70-74 years
J: 75 or over

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Thanks Milan, I didn’t understand because I was registered under D rider. Learned something new again.

For events entries there are only 5 categories, A to E:

Results in 5 years steps (as above).