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Had a quick look but unable to find an answer just competed in the zhr masters and received a placement in the F category .i joined as a C as per my age group.

I think they readjust the age groups into smaller divisions since Zwift only has 5 starting pens.I assume you are between 55 and 59.

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Hi gerrie ,well im 54 but seems quite complicated to understand at first glance

I guess they used the year that you turn 55.

But this is all my guess.

Andy, you sign up based on age so you are C 50-60 but results are split into 5 year increments of your racing age (age you turn in 2021) so you would be F.

50-55 - E
55-60 - F
60-65 - G
65-70 - H

Thanks guys i get it now