ZEM suggestion

(K.C. Race3R) #1

I suspect that at some point in Zwift’s future that LIVE invites/adverts for soon to start Zwift Event Module (ZEM) events will be coming to us. While I think that this advertising will be a great inducement for more Zwifters to join ZEM events, there is a risk to this advancement. This may encourage riders to join events that they know very little about. This can really disrupt a ride. I suggest a simple solution. If a rider has interest in an event that pops up in front of them, then they press LEARN MORE, not LET’S GO, and a second screen comes up with the EVENT DESCRIPTION that must be read before an rider then proceeds to hit LET’S GO and is taken to the starting pen. Of course some riders will ignore the description, but it really is in everyone’s interest to put the description in front of all potential joiners. Optimally, with the power of Google translation, the event descriptions could be present in LOCAL LANGUAGE, not just English! Thanks!!