ZEM - Subscribe Options

(K.C. Race3R) #1

It would be great if riders could SUBSCRIBE to repeated events list in the Zwift Event Module (ZEM). Yes this will inflate pre-reg numbers, but it will stop people — like me this morning on dZi’s DZI – from thinking that they have pre-regged upon login and then realising later, while in ride and in need of a log off, to miss events. Thanks for considering it. KC@dZi #zwiftΔriding

(Jon Mayfield) #2

Interesting idea KC…I do think it might ruin those pre-reg numbers but maybe it could auto-unsubscribe you if you miss two in a row.  We’re implementing a concept of an event series, and once that is in it would set the stage for a feature like this.

As for having to log off and on to get in the event, while you are riding in Zwift you should be able to ‘register’ on the phone live and within a minute or two the game should receive the info about it and pop up the ‘its time to move to the starting area’ message.