ZDL Points (Duathlon)

New ZDL/Duathlon participant. I was hoping to discuss and understand the team scoring, and why it’s done the way it is. The way it works now, all members of a team are averaged; it looks like in past seasons there were variations (dropped the lowest/highest, etc.). I’m guessing there was some reasoning behind this.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of simply averaging every team member. My team happens to have a lot of great runners, while I’m brand new. Seemed like a cool thing for me to try. I want to participate however I don’t want to pull my team’s average down, so I’m disincentivized from participating. (To be clear, my team wants me to participate anyway – when I say I’m disincentivized, I mean that I am aware that my results will mean a lower score for the team.)

And while I realize this is for fun and recreational, I also think it’s normal to have a team first mentality and want to compete as effectively as possible. If you race in ZRL, WTRL TTTs, TT Weekly, etc., there’s really no direct penalty for an individual poor performance. In ZRL, a poor ride might not get many points, but it’s not any worse than having an unused slot. In TTTs, it’s typically the first 4 that finish that count, so it doesn’t matter if some get dropped along the way and that is part of the strategy. Etc.

Is there are particular reason a simple method like, “top 3 (or top n)” results aren’t used? No system is perfect I realize, but this event type is the only one I can think of where individual participation can be detrimental to team standings (and potentially even abused). Ultimately, this scoring encourages teams to limit participation to their anticipated top 3 … why not just do it for them to encourage more participation?

Hey there - this query is probably better directed towards the WTRL Duathlon Facebook page as from what I understand Zwift is no longer running the event and you will find a lot more Duathloners there than the forums.

That said I agree with you, the “average across all racers” creates a bit of a mess, especially when you have technical difficulties. We’ve had weeks where runners have only gotten credit for 0.5km or less over 20 minutes yet it still counts towards the team.

I like the idea of a “top x” scoring system for individual, where your best three races in the season decide your individual score. For the team I think some weighting could make sense so that each nth rider counts less towards the team final score, which would remove that disincentive to have a big team.