ZCO, our training continues outside

Hello Zwift,

I’m sure you got the idea or we whispered it to you :wink:

What if Zwift allowed us to continue our training outside?

Zwift Companion Outside (ZCO) in autonomy and coupled with a power sensor, the training would continue outside, we would be happy and you too :slight_smile:

The nice interface, the fun aspect, the realization of our own plans on Zwift to find them on ZCO, great no?Β 

Ride on


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Have you ever tried doing an indoor workout outside and sticking to the power targets? Almost impossible to do.

Nothing stopping you programming a workout into your bike computer as I sometimes do. It’s then more about time intervals and being roughly in the zone.


Sorry, I use google translation,

It all depends on whether you have a clear road or a beautiful bike path,
I live in the countryside and have no worries about staying in the power zones and even mountain biking, I just have the difficulty of slopes to manage with the gear :wink:
After I understand that if you live in an urban environment, it will be very difficult to achieve this.
That said, I also use my garmin for that, but I find that the visual aspect of the zwift companion gauge is very visual and helps to stay closer to the target.
Also, we will not say otherwise, program training on Zwift is a breeze unlike the interface garmin :wink:
I still think that there is something to be done on this point