ZCA shows some nearby riders as not riding

During the fondo today, I was using ZCA to give out ride-ons. Often when I clicked on a nearby rider, I would get the “rider offline” profile, even though they showed up on nearby riders both on ZCA and in-game.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Please ensure that your Zwift Companion app is using the most recent version and verify if this issue still persists. If you are still having this problem, please submit a support ticket here, and we’ll gladly help you troubleshoot this further.

Yes, the issue persists. ZCA 3.1.1 (553) on iOS. From this morning…

Two people below me, you can see “Ritz Tos.” But when I click on him to give him a Ride On, I didn’t get the kind of profile page associated with an active rider.

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Hey Jim!

Thanks for the update, I’m sorry that you’re still having that problem. I see that you’ve submitted a support ticket and are in the process of being helped. Once a solution has been found. Would you please share it here on your post? Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention!