ZC Icon Bar at screen bottom resets at end of TDZ Rides

On Zwift Companion, at the bottom of the screen there is a scrollable icon bar, that shows a red square with a white square centered within it on the left end, and the camera, when scrolled all the way to the right end. I use the camera to take photos during rides.
I have found recently, while doing the various TDZ rides, at the finish, when I want to take a picture of the arch and my ride statistics, which show in the middle of the screen, that the scroll bar has shifted a bit to the left, and the camera is no longer visible. This creates a problem while I try to finish at speed, and scroll the bar back

so the camera is visible so I can record my finish. I want the camera to be visible as in the following screenshot
Has anyone else noticed this problem? If so have you solved it?

I always use F10 on the keyboard for this purpose. I built an attachment to handlebars to hold a wireless keyboard and remotes for pedestal fans within easy reach, and this has been working very well (aside from the fact that it partly blocks airflow from Wahoo Headwind, but this loss is offset by two other fans). I can provide more details on how to build one, if someone is interested.

With three fans, sweat is totally not a problem. It dries on me in the airflow before it can drop down on the bike or on the keyboard.

I have found that while using the F10 key takes photos that are stored on my PC, they are not shown in my activities on ZC. Only photos taken by the camera in ZC will appear in my activities. Note that ZC photos also appear on my PC.

Interesting… It worked in the past! Perhaps something has changed in the recent few updates. I will test it tonight!

Regarding your original question, I can just move that little toolbar at the bottom to the left or to the right by swiping over it to the left or to the right. Camera is at the right end, so one has to swipe the toolbar over and move it to the left.

@Reed_Markley Reed - I am not 100% sure my camera stays available in CA at the end as I tend to only use it during rides. I’ll check. But your F10 photo issue has been around since October but we all just use the CA to get around it. Not sure everyone has the same issue as it sounds like Andrei may not.

You should both add your voice to the thread to help with visibility.

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I need to get a good holder for my phone, so I can mount it on my handlebars. That will solve 90% of the problem. What I don’t understand is how, just as I am going under the final arch, the camera moves to the right and becomes invisible, until I swipe it back.
Note, that images stored on the phone are stored in identical pairs, while images stored on the pc are stored as a clean image, with none of the screen info showing, and a dirty image, with all the screen info remaining. I will check on the destination of phone camera images and similarly for F10 based images on my next ride.

Havent done an event yet (its summer and nice weather where I am) so havent tested the Camera/finish banner yet, but on the F10, yes, it will do the same (create two photos, one with clean file name extension as you are seeing on the Companion App - the F10 bug is that Zwift wont use your manually taken photos.

Holder wise - For a cheap / temp solution, I’ve attached heavy duty velcro to the stem and phone. The phone doesnt move but if it was my daily driver phone, I’d pop a case on. It was meant as a temp until I sorted something else but havent needed to change

What’s interesting is that the PC saves 2 images, one clean and one dirty while the Companion App (CA) also saves 2 images, but both of them are dirty. The images taken by the camera in the CA are saved on the phone as dirty, while the images sent to the PC appear on the PC as 1 clean and 1 dirty. It is not obvious why the CA needs to save 2 images. Next Zwift ride, tomorrow, I will save some F10 pictures and see what shows up in the CA.

@Reed_Markley i was meant to get back to you a few days ago … the camera icon stays available on my android Companion App in the event, as the event is finishing, and after the event.

All photos, even ones taken with F10 show up in my \pictures\zwift folder but of course F10 phtoos wont get pushed up to Zwift activity or Strava.