ZC bug

Just wondering if anyone else has had an issue since the new update with the home screen not going to the game screen when you launch the ZC app. Have reinstalled etc to no avail. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Normally relates to your CA not being on the same network as your Zwift pc, but I, and a few others, have also had this problem for a few years on older Android versions.

What happens if you start a workout - does it change to the workout screen?

If it is the same problem that I have, you can hit the stop but button (as if to stop an activity) and then back out of that (as if you want to continue the activity), and the game screen will alive.

Thx for info Dean,wasn’t going to game screen at all,was working fine,so tried what you suggested and also reinstalled and redone locations etc in the app,seems to have fixed the problem, thx for the help.

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