ZA ride complete doesn't exist on Zwift or Strava (v1.52.2)

A ride I did yesterday did not upload to Strava, does not show on my Zwift feed, and there is no complete or in progress .fit file stored locally on my computer. To be specific, the ride was the long version of workout #2 of the 2023 Zwift Academy. I got credit for the route I did (Coast Crusher) and the workout has a checkmark showing completion on the ride selection tab but it does not register for completion of ZA (at 13%, should be 25%). I am running version 1.52.2 on a Windows 11 laptop and Zwift auto updated to that upon opening the program. This is the first time I have encountered something like this. Perhaps it is a bug with the current version?

Any chance you are logged in on more devices?

Zwift is installed only on the laptop but I use Companion on my phone.

No problems by saving? Internet connection?
I would try to upload the fit file directly to Strava.

There is no possibility to upload to Zwift.

Funny thing is there was no in progress .fit file for that session. The one that was there was created three days earlier. That was the last time I was on Zwift. If there was an in progress .fit file for that session, I would have manually uploaded it.