ZA Group Ride - No intensity changes and easy spinning

I just got off the trainer from the “Zwift Academy 2019 Workout #1: Threshold Development” group ride, but I must habe set something up improperly. With an FTP of 215 I was placed in D, but then one could follow the beacon with on average 140 watts and there were 0 prompts, no structure and at least no noticable speed changes. I even quit the app after 10k and rejoined because I thought something was broken.

Is it be design that these rides are juat easy spinning in the lower categories, bc I assumes them to be high intensity.
Guess individual ERG mode from now on:)

EDIT: Riding on Tacx Neo 2

It doesn’t sound like you were doing the group workout, looks like you did a group ride. The workouts don’t put you in a category other than E for everybody. I did the workout last night and it was far from easy spinning.

@Chris_Lala I just looked you up on the companion app and you did the group ride, not the workout. The group ride is billed as a social spin, the only category is D with an average 2.0 w/kg.

Ah that explains the lack of intensity, but I then I don’t get why this ride then counted towards my ZA progress for group rides (1/4) AND workouts (1/8).

Also, I wish they would then not call it “Workout #1” but something else. But I guess you are right with the group ride. Some hybrid action going on.

might be a bug, they are having some other issues too. There is a thread for Zwift Academy Known Issues, you might want to post there to see if they can explain what went wrong.

Will do - thank you.

Most likely be a bug, I looked at your record on the Companion app and you joined the group ride (14:50) that happened at the slot 10 minutes before the group workout #1 (15:00) that you should have joined, and there were four ZA events starting simultaneously at the time.