ZA 2023 race problems

hello, I tried to take part in race 1 of ZWIFT Academy 2023 several times. each time after about 200-400 m of riding, power and cadence drop to 0. ZWIFT Academy shows that I have completed the ride even though I have ridden the first 400m? any ideas ? - ( wahoo v5 / apple 13 or android the same problems )

Hello @Anika_G, welcome to the forums! Is this issue only occurring in Zwift Academy races? If you’re not having any disconnection or power reporting issues in Free Rides or Workouts, but every attempt at a ZA race leads to an early disconnection, I think we should probably troubleshoot this issue via Support. Otherwise, this may be a trainer issue. You may want to reach out to Wahoo Support directly or feel free to try some of the community workarounds mentioned in this thread.