Z117 error

Dear all,
I just downloaded the app (Windows 10) . After installation the app asks for update but after agreeing the Z117 error notification pops out. I tried many things already but nothing works. Anyone else with the same issue? Does anyone have a solution?

i have the same problem

I actaually managed to fix the problem myself. The advices I got from the Support didn’t work for me so I started looking for another solution.

In my case the problem was the special sign in the name of one of the Users folders. There were two folders there Michal and Michał. Zwift was downloading files to the Downloads in Zwift folder it created in Michał user folder but then couldn’t distinguish the special sign and tried to take them form the Michal folder. The files were not there.

To fix the problem I created a Zwift folder in Michal User folder and manually set default download directory to that folder. As a result Zwift could download and execute files from that folder.

I am not sure if you have a special sign in you name but please check if the User folder on the C disk has a special character. If yes then this solution might help you. Let me know if it worked for you.

Same thing for me. Removing the Zwift folder in the downloads folder fixed the problem.

I took me a while to find the folder since it was hidden. But after removing it everything worked again.