Z Racing Series and Cats

Is it correct that if you are bumped up to a new cat half way through a month, you are screwed in the GC of that month’s Z Racing Series?

I did the first Crit Club race as a B, but was then bumped to A during week two. So now the time from the first race doesn’t count in the A cat GC. I’m aware that the B race time wouldn’t be as good in the A ranks, but at least I would register as having finished the race.

  1. There are no make-up events, right?
  2. Other series I know manage to re-register previous results if you get re-categorized to a higher cat half way through. Why can’t the Z Racing series do this? I’m not the kind of rider that stands a chance of winning any of the races, but performing well in the GC counts as my consolation.

Same as EVERY SERIES IN ZWIFT that uses Zwiftpower, categories and cumulative points of times.

I don’t believe it’s fair for people who have been upgraded to A being able to race against B riders, regardless how some series may habdle this.

I can move your result into A so you can have all the results add up though.

In a GC based on finishing times, it will rarely be an advantage in A cat having done a stage in B cat. If you are bumped down from A to B, then of course your time from A shouldn’t count, as you would generally benefit from having been in a stronger pack. So this mechanic would only work one-way.

I would appreciate very much if my B cat time from the first CC stage could be counted in the GC for A cat. Sorry to have to bother you to do this manually (I guess it would be challenging to design an automatic fix for these types of situations, but I only ask because I know from other series that it is possible to re-register the results)

Ultimately it’s the best I can do with what we currently have available.

I’ve moved your result from Week 1 into A.

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Plaudits. Sorry for the hassle