Youth training ride

I’ve been using Zwift now for about 3 weeks and loving it and I’ve also been putting my sons racing bike on to the trainer and letting him enjoy it as well. I’m wondering is there someway I can set up a timed distance ride for him?

Most of his races are between 3-5 miles and on a reasonably flat course. So I want him to focus more on just distance and time and not worry about too much on the screen. Can I just set up a 4 mile flat course for him and see his time by the mile?

Thank you


So depending on your sons age he could be entitled to a free account so I’d definitely do that as that way his data is split off from yours and thus it’ll not affect either of your ratings if you start entering races on Zwift.

There are plenty of suitable courses for him.

Check out the list here and arrange it into distance.

To access the courses you can create a meetup. If you invite both you and your son he can have the course to yourself without other riders.

It’ll not give you a mile by mile breakdown directly but you’ll get get plenty of other data that’ll help track performance.

Here’s a guide on that.