Youth accounts private only?

Have youth accounts changed so all activities are private only? Trying to change my son’s ride to followers only but the option seems greyed out with private pre selected.


The free U16 accounts have always had the strictest privacy settings enabled to comply with COPPA and GDPR laws. This is not new. Please see our Children’s Privacy Policy.


Is it possible to allow only the parent-account to see the child-account’s activities?

Not the case, as I can see all his older activities, which are set to followers only, but the one from yesterday is stuck to private. So is this a change or is there a possibility to edit privacy I’m not seeing

? He’s not been on a while as you can see!

Hi @Douglas_Cook - Happy to help clarify further!
As @shooj mentioned, COPPA and GDPR regulations dictate that Zwift stay up to date on privacy requirements for child accounts. This means as our privacy features and capabilities expand, child accounts will always follow the highest settings available. These restrictions also apply to activities, which is why you’re now seeing the rides auto set to Private.
In order to ensure a child can’t disable these settings, we restrict that ability with U16 accounts. I understand your annoyance as a guardian, as being able to view your child’s activities without having to login to their account is expected. While I recognize this may seem like an unnecessary implementation, Zwift must ensure we continue to work on meeting compliance regulations, as these must be met in order to legally allow any child on the platform.

If you would like to discuss your child’s account further, I suggest reaching out via a Support ticket. Just being extra cautious, as we try to avoid discussing any account specifics via a public platform, especially with U16 accounts.

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