Young rider icon on rider list.

(Lone Hansen/ #1

I would like to see a Young rider icon on each athlete below the age of 18 - mainly to make it easy to identify them and give “Ride On” as encouragement.

(Karen Haldane) #2

Love this idea, the more we can encourage these youngsters the better.

(Lone Hansen/ #3

How can anyone think this is a bad idea, and vote it down, is beyond me :face_with_monocle:

(Daren Chandisingh [Vision]) #4

One reason we might think it’s a bad idea is that of safeguarding.

We know that the Internet can be a nasty place, and it wouldn’t be hard to imagine a situation where someone grooms a child through the medium of Zwift. Flattering them with comments about how strong they are or whatever.

While Zwift in-game chat is public and we can all see it, knowing a rider is a child is information that can be misused outside of the game in order to target people. 

So if something like this ever does come along, it absolutely has to be off by default, and enabled - preferably by the parent paying for the account, rather than the child themselves.