York’s Power up Tour

Hi, Completed four of the Yorkshire Zwift Power Up Tour and in the ride description it says after you complete four of the events you should get the Power Up tour kit but I haven’t got it.

Anyone else got the kit or same problem?

Same here :frowning: No Jersey.


The event descripton says you’ll receive the kit by September 29.


Oh okay, missed that. Thanks

It’s still not there. Anyone else got the kit or same problem?

Mine came last week

It usually comes with an update. Check October 1 if there’s a Zwift update.

I found my kit in the garage.

I did 5 events and still don’t have the jersey

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I finished 4 stages, but the kit is not unlocked yet.

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Can someone pls look into this?

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Still no kit for me, too.

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