Yearly Subscription Option

(Marc Simkin) #1

I know this has been brought up before, always with no resolution. I would like to have some sort of yearly subscription option.

For example, TrainerRoad (TR) has a monthly subscription at $15 / month or yearly at $130 / year. TR gives you about 4 months free if you pay for the year.

I would love TR level of discount here, however, I would be happy with pay for the year and get 1 or 2 months free.



(Paul Allen) #2

There is a yearly subscription option for Zwift, but you don’t get any kind of discount.

(Marc Simkin) #3

and how does one pay yearly? When I go to my profile and look under billing or orders I don’t see an option to pay yearly. If I attempt to change the credit card, I’m also not given an option to pay yearly.

(Paul Allen) #4


And there used to be one where you would get a Subscription to Bicyclist Magazine.

(Marc Simkin) #5


I still feel there needs to be a yearly subscription option. Does it really make sense for me to go an buy a gift card every year?