Yearly Subscription Option

I know this has been brought up before, always with no resolution. I would like to have some sort of yearly subscription option.

For example, TrainerRoad (TR) has a monthly subscription at $15 / month or yearly at $130 / year. TR gives you about 4 months free if you pay for the year.

I would love TR level of discount here, however, I would be happy with pay for the year and get 1 or 2 months free.



There is a yearly subscription option for Zwift, but you don’t get any kind of discount.

and how does one pay yearly? When I go to my profile and look under billing or orders I don’t see an option to pay yearly. If I attempt to change the credit card, I’m also not given an option to pay yearly.


And there used to be one where you would get a Subscription to Bicyclist Magazine.


I still feel there needs to be a yearly subscription option. Does it really make sense for me to go an buy a gift card every year?

I think there needs to be some option to pay for a limited duration, e.g. x hours per month. These prices are good value if Zwift is your main form of cycling/exercise but if you only have time to get on once or twice a week then it’s too much. They had my subscription coming in until this price increase, how much more will they miss out on by putting off this part of the market?


I encourage you all to go and listen to the discussion on this very issue from the latest zwiftcast where Simon Schofield interviews Zwift’s CEO.

The idea exposed by Eric Min was along the following lines:

  • other companies function in a similar manner (think Netflix), the idea being first that zwift don’t want you to feel “stuck”,
  • this would not be a good indicator for zwift to assess what they do right or wrong (as they keep on adding up to the zwift experience).
  • Zwift want to earn riders’ money every month: while they don’t intend to “replace” or be an alternative to outdoor riding, they aim for being relevant all year irrespective of the season. It seems for them that at the moment winters are getting longer and summer shorter (less people unsubscribing during the hot months).

There is probably more in the discussion, but this is what I recall from listening to it all a few weeks ago during my zwift workout

I hope this helps.

Ride on.


I did listen to the discussion. I don’t agree with Eric’s thoughts.

Whether you pay monthly or yearly shouldn’t affect earning your user’s money every month.

I think that allowing yearly subscriptions will smooth out the cash flow of seasonal changes.



There really needs to be a yearly subscription option with a reasonable discount. Otherwise, I’ll let my subscription lapse over the summer months as it’s just too steep a price .


Have this issue been resolved? Can we pay annually?

Yes, but there is no discount:

Thanks for the quick reply Paul. I want to reclaim the cost through my company’s sport subsidy. Submitting a receipt that says “gift card” might not cut it. Wondering whey we can’t just pay for a whole year?