XP's reduced

I was getting 60 XP’s per mile (level 50+), now only 30 XP’s. My workout XP’s are also reduced by half.

It’s a known issue following the last update. It’s being worked on.

has anyone from zwift actually acknowledged it? I have seen lots of people mention it but nothing from zwift (i may have just missed it though)

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Publicly no. Privately yes.

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that’s not very helpful is it. but in line with most things on here i guess.


I would have expected it to be publicly acknowledged by now.
Likewise the issues arising from the planned maintenance could do with being recognised and a timescale offered.

Hopefully soon.

if only there was a section of these forums where they could put issues they know about? that’d be good wouldn’t it :roll_eyes:

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According to zwift there’s only one outstanding problem after the maintenance, and it isn’t one of the 3 or 4 problems that had occurred for multiple riders since the maintenance