XP reward for setting a new PR


Inspired by the double XP in the Tour of Watopia, I got this idea.

The double XP is great for now, but wouldn’t it be even greater if in the future more XP is linked to your efforts. So, every time you set a new PR (or also 2nd and 3rd best time) on a timed segment, you will get a certain amount more XP!

It’s just a small addition, but I think would motivate people to push themselves even harder on a KOM/sprint/loop!

Like this idea. Would be a nice incentive to push that little bit harder as well. Voted for it.

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It’s a bit easy to game though, isn’t it?

Just go at 60% effort, then 70%, 80% and 90%. Bingo, three bits of bonus XP.

There’s no way of knowing if a new PR is actually a best max effort.

Also, they reset every 30 days.


Yes, I can see what you mean. But unless you would cheat like that for yourself, I think you think to cynical of your fellow zwifters. I mean, can you really imagine someone never setting a “real” time for themselve just to get more XP? - it’s a fitness game/platform after all.