XP award interval in Mar 9 update

After yesterday’s version update (Mar 9), the incremental XP awards based on distance showed at the “#.8” km mark instead of the “#.0” km mark. They were still awarded at 1 km intervals.
*PC version, cycling, in event (group ride)

Is anyone else seeing this?
Is it intentional vs a bug?

This happens occasionally, and normally suggests a bit of lag between your game and the server itself. The XP awards are correct though.

I found it happened once when I did a late join on an event - I was getting XP at 0.6, 1.6 etc., but I was actually getting it when most people in the event were hitting 1.0, 2.0 etc. so it was kind of correct.

But that was a one-off and I’ve never been able to re-create it - maybe (hopefully) that’s what was happening to you.

Thank you! As of 3/12, the XP awarding interval had returned to the x.0 increments.