xml <workout_file> Absolut power values

(Erwin Brandenberger) #1

I want to build a conconi workout with absolut power values.

With the workout creator, all values are translated into relative power values, even if edit the absolut power value.

Is there a possibility to modify selected power value of the zwo xml files to have absolute power values ?


(Gerrie Delport) #2

Sorry I don’t have the answer.

Just for interest sake why are you looking for absolute power values?


(Erwin Brandenberger) #3

As described above for creating a Conconi Test workout independent of the FTP.

(Jason K) #4

We don’t support directly editing the XML file and recommend using the workout editor instead. If you’re looking for a feature that’s not included in the editor, be sure to post in the Feature Requests forum. Thanks!