WTRL ZRL RacePass...late...again

Once again the distribution of RacePasses has been delayed before the start of ZRL. I understand that organizing the thousands of racers and many divisions is a massive undertaking and I appreciate all the work that is done. However, it does seem like there could be some lessons learned from round to round about how to improve things. It is clear that it takes more than one business day and a weekend to organize all of the people into divisions and send out the RacePasses. Yet team registration closed on Friday and then the first race starts on Tuesday. WTRL stated that they would have most passes out by Sunday — this didn’t happen. Seems like they are simply not leaving themselves enough time. Registration for teams should close probably a good 5 days before the start of the first race to make sure that things can be organized and teams are given enough time to let their rosters know about getting the passes. They should send all these passes all at once rather than staggering them randomly. As things are done currently, all day long caotains keep trying to figure out whether or not their race pass is ready and field a lot of inquiries from their team members. It’s not a good use of anyone’s time. It’s not a particularly great way to start a series. Many teams are getting their passes with less than 24 hours before start time which doesn’t leave captains much time to corral the troops. If this was the first time that would happen, I’d probably have more patience about it, but passes were late last round as well. It’s important to leave enough time to do a thing well.

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I’d agree we are night before first races. Most UK have gone to bed without race pass now so it will be a case of chasing riders with hours or minutes to go before races after people finish work.

Fingers crossed it works otherwise best option could be to delay race 1 to next week.

We still have no sight if divsions are finalised which is rather concerning as one of our weakest teams have been placed in a 1st divsion. I’ve sent support ticket to WTRL sure they are hundreds of tickets now with races are hours away and information not been shared yet.

should be resolved now. riders who are still waiting for their captains to resend the link can also get their own race passes from their wtrl dashboards, by clicking the “racepass” button next to their team name and copying the link

And the only communication about it was on FB. Nothing on the WTRL website.

not gonna defend wtrl’s terrible comms, but as far as the racepasses go, these things happen. doubt they are thrilled about it either. just remember you can always get your passes directly from your own dashboard for the next time something like this happens, and it surely will. this also works for TTTs

All of my team members used the above method last night to sign up and it looked like everything was all good and everyone showed up on the companion app. This morning everyone’s sign ups have disappeared from the companion app. Even though it still looks right on the WTRL site and I’m having to ping them to all and hope the see my messages to click RacePass again. This happened to other teams in my club as well. This is has been really bad.

Edit: in my opinion, this is not just the communication issue. It’s an issue of poor planning and a failure to learn from past experience on how to allow adequate time for contingencies and problems. It is unreasonable to think that one business day would be enough time to sort all the divisions, get race passes together, and allow for any possible problems. The schedule they have put themselves on is just too tight. It has been proven twice over at least and there’s been no adaptation. I hope there will be for the next round.

yeah, wtrl had to reissue passes for every team in all divisions, as far as i can tell - ours included. but they should be able to sign up one last time now and that should be the end of it, hopefully. no doubt it’s stressful, but i am sure wtrl are stressed about it too. nobody wins when problems like these happen. gordon ^ is running like 15 teams, i bet he is gonna be chasing people up for 10 hours