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Hi Zwifters! This article really resonated for me because I’m kind of the female version of this guy. Shoutout to both Zwift and WTRL.

WSJ article on Zwift

The article seems to be behind a paywall.

Arrrgh! I’m sorry! I thought that people could get access to one or two articles for free, like the NYT.

Hi Steve,

Whatever the problem was, it’s working now. No idea why but maybe you guys did something brilliant? Maybe the OS updated to something comprehensible. Whatever it is, it’s working now so Ride on! :sunglasses::+1:

Hi Marcia,
Thanks for sharing this story. The WSJ article is paywalled (like all their content), so if we’re not subscribers to it or Apple News+, which your link goes to (I’m not), we can see just a few lines and then the barrier message:

I looked up “Jeff Abernathy Zwift” and found a blog post from today, apparently based on that article, which lets us all read a little more about his situation for free:

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And most importantly Team Electric Spirit Co!
Hey @Charlie_Issendorf how nice would it have looked to have a nice Zwift kit alongside our rider dressed in our IRL kit for this article :wink:


Not for me. But WSJ so no loss.