Wrong Turn in a race

Yeah I was in the pen maybe 7 minutes early. Everything was good until 7.4km. Oh well at least I’m not the only one it has happened to and it was early with no big efforts on my part.

It looked like this happened to the solo race leader in the 8:10AM US EDT Beach Party category C, like less than 2km from the finish. At first I was wondering if I had gone off course but we chasers all made it through.

This has been happening off and on for ages. Seems like nobody still has any idea why.

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Anyone gotten a nice benefit from this bug? Ie… a shortcut that brings one back to the course to continue on to the finish?

maybe it’s Zwift’s way of trying to make things more interesting…

Happened to me Monday 4pm pst for the first time in the sisu tdf series last start slot. Going into shisa hill avatar start doing figure 8s for about 30sec just after the turn dropping me from the group I was in. Then on the other side at the junction off the wood towards the mangrove program sent me straight staying in the wood instead when everyone else turned right about 2/3 into race. Did the distance doing two extra climbs of shisa hopping for finish blue banner to show up up did not. Took me out the sisu month long series. Do not have the controllers.

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The old bug actually used to be somewhat reproducible.
Join a pace partner and teleport to an event in that same world.
If you were unlucky your client didn’t pick up the route change cue sheet thing from the server and you were routed according to last known route.
but that was supposedly fixed a while back and I hadn’t heard of it happening until the last couple of updates again, but there has been an uptick in this bug again.


Yes, happened to me this morning in a Club Ladder race on RGV course, where I was sent up the Petit KOM with about 7km to go to the finish. After I crested the Petit KOM it then sent me up towards Ventoux. I quit the race at this point and once I had switched my Apple TV off and was leaving my pain cave I noticed that one of my WiFi Mesh units was offline so it could have been as a result of that I imagine.

This issue is as old as time. I’ve probably seen over 100 reports. Root cause has never been established and it’s never been fixed.

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@gloscherrybomb did they have that one of the tiny race, 80% of the group was take the wrong way?

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