Wrong training program?

I am 65 years old 85 kg and I am only riding since 6 years (±4000 km a year) and zwifting since last november. At the beginning I did the FTP test and got 166. After I did FTP booster 4 weeks and went up to 197. Now I am navigating through all the training plans and I have to admit I don’t really know which one I should choose…Decided this morning to start the 12 weeks “Build me up” but found the first session really hard especially when they are asking to stand on the bike, I alwways went way over the wattage required…Should I continue this progarm or change for another one? I am open to any suggestion and help. Thanks in advance for helping a lost old man :wink: J.P.

I think you may have a calibration problem with your set up with such a large jump in FTP with a 4 week booster program. Need to know what your set up is to help out with that first. Additionally, you need to start any training program on a Monday otherwise it will try and fit all available workouts into the remaining days of the week which could mean not being able to do all of them.

Thanks for your reply…I got a Tacx neo and a resistance factory reset was done about a week ago. For the first FTP test, the tacx training was new to me may be I was a little bit unconfortable with the set up…Ok I got it for the monday starting day for a new program…Thanks for your help…

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