Wrong trainer shows up in Zwift

I have a Tacx Flux S I run on an iMac in Zwift. My son runs the same trainer beside me. However it connects to a trainer I don’t own and have never owned (Tacx Fe-C 100). I live in a house on a corner lot with now one beside us. The closest indoor signal to me would be almost 100 feet away. Help! Thank you in advance.

Fe-C is just the type of connection. And I think that the 100 is the last part of the ID number of either your trainer or your son’s. Try connecting to it and then pedaling to see if the wattage changes you see on the pairing screen match to what it feels like you’re doing on the bike.

I unplugged my son’s trainer so it shouldn’t even be picking his up. Yes I did pedal as I have been using Zwift for 4 years. No power change.