Wrong route

Genie and Jacque both on three little
sisters route, shouldn’t one be on tick tock?

I’m definitely seeing Jacques on Three Little Sisters and Genie on Tick Tock, both on our backend and on the Home Screen.

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Genie was on correct course about 30 minutes after I posted

Happening again, Jacques and Genie are both or Tick Tock, Genie should be on Tempus this weekProcessing: IMG20230213155917.jpg…

Hopefully should be sorted in 5 minutes.

Did you have to do that when I was on a 2.5 multiplier

Next time ask me to fix it after you have finished riding :joy:

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You mean that the cause still not found and that the same will happen next week?

No, there was a schedule issue and genie hadn’t changed route. I updated her schedule and put her in the correct route.

I had a strange issue yesterday with Jacques on Tempus, joined at the start of the desert (the bridge) wrong direction then teleported to the group at high speed.

I stayed there until the titans grove intersection where I should have gone left (downhill) except Zwift sent me right to titans grove.

I quit the ride and rejoined. This was roughly 30 minutes before Jacques did the “I’m stopping in 5 minutes” announcement.

Did you join via the home screen?

Yes, always directly from the robopacer tile on the home screen.

I can only guess strange edge case that will be tricky to troubleshoot. Let me get the strava ride, it might show something.

Edit: it doesn’t. Sorry.

The Zwift ride was this:

The start looks unusual.

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had an issue last night, joined the volcano flat robopacer but was routed up and through the volcano circuit, this was joining via the homescreen

Thanks both, I’ve shared that with our developer.

(For clarity, we have more than one developer)


further to this, I had been doing the volcano circuit robopacer before the race, ended the race and went back to the homescreen then selected the flat route to spin the legs out

If your dev needs another data set to look at - Joined a PP and bounced from start/wharf to join PP group after the TF roundabout , and had to manually select left too to stay with PP group otherwise I was going over Titans. Joined from Home screen. Win10.

Possibly related, yesterday I clicked on the details for an event (Rapha) but DID NOT join it.

Instead I went to the Yumi pace partner on Tick Tock from the home screen. When exiting that my ride saved on Strava with the name of:

That’s tick tock, not climbers gambit.

Second time I joined Yumi from the Home Screen it was correct: